Gary Con – Tour 1: Episode 6


Games. RPG history. Top notch gaming guests. Gary Con has it all. Luke Gygax is a wonderful ambassador of the hobby and also a soldier. We discuss gaming in the military as well as the convention he organizes in honor of his dad.


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  1. Episode 6 Rocked!

    Great Mail Call segment
    I loved the interview with Luke Gygax. I switched from AD&D to Rolemaster after second edition. I, too, recalled a lot of the names he was mentoring. I’m not a big fiction reader, but the D&D novels, along with Shadowrun, are almost the entirety of my fictional collection. The first nine books about Drizzit and the Cleric Quintet are my favorites.

    Thank you for your efforts in support of the community and your brethren in the military.

  2. I Ran the D&D Worldwide Games Day for the release of D&D 4th Edition in 2008 at Kabul, Afghanistan.

    1. That’s pretty fantastic David. I cant believe i forgot to talk about playing AD&D in the Tactical Assembly Area waiting to invade Iraq way back in 1991.

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